‘Ultimate Girls Trip’ fans troll LeJoy’s BBL [VIDEO]

Reality TV star Lethabo “LeJoy” Mathato is criticised after showing off her Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic procedure on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.


In the viral video from The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, the Thobela FM radio personality Lethabo “LeJoy” Mathato shows off her BBL before getting into a bubble bath.

Viewers from the reality TV show also reveal they spotted “bleaching spots” on her body and that her elbows and hands are darker than her face.

According to social media reports, Mathato bleached her skin. Rumours of her bleaching her skin began after old pictures of her emerged on social media.

In the old Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, Mathato’s skin tone appears darker which “indicate” that she might have bleached her skin.


@primy_thompson: “Dr Pert is the worst doctor. Lethabo and LKG’s BBL had no chances to come out well because naturally they got vasplank bodies. It’s like hairdressers that are expected to plait hair with no hairlines. it really makes your job harder, and you end up botching.”

@ShortBass_: “Her natural ass couldn’t have that bad. Ngoba (because) what is this? “

@ZeeMngoma86: “It was the elbows and hands for me… bleach life is hard.”

@Ms_Cybambo: “I really don’t know why these women are still going to Dr Pert. Her BBL’s are horrible.”

@TheeKutlo: “She was just flat. Totally understand why she got a BBL but Dr Pert didn’t have her best interests at heart I’m afraid.”

@TheeKutlo: “Pert botched my girl so bad shem. She can’t even pose proper for pictures. Looks better here though. Bet she went for a bit of correction after that time.”


TshisaLIVE reported in 2023 that Lethabo “Lejoy” Mathatho opened up about her cosmetic procedures done on her body.

Mathato revealed on The Venting podcast that she was happy with her liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift.

“The kind of men who approach me now, it’s different. This body they say is botched is doing things. If I were to believe everything said about me I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

“I decided I am going to do this body thing; I knew the reasons why I wanted to do that. Did Lethabo with the reasons she had get herself to a point where she is happy? I was. You can come and have an opinion. Does it take away my happiness? It did not.”

She also said she was “healing on camera” from the procedures she had undergone, when they started filming Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

“I was heavy in my healing process. I felt very heavy, and I would feel like I’m tired. Because I did my bum, I could not sit so I would have to lie down all the time. The way I am happy with my body I don’t even remember the pain.”

Lethabo “LeJoy” Mathato. Images via X @babymberirua

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