‘Teaching kids about Skomota?’ SA blasts Department of Education

A question paper featuring Skomota received mixed reviews on social media when the entertainer was used as a case study.

The dancer and musician, Skomota trended on X on Monday, 10 June when he got featured in a “Creative Arts” examination paper.

Social media user @Ndi_Muvenda_ shared the question paper and said: “Department of Education is not serious. You can’t teach learners Skomota.”

In the question paper shared on X, learners are asked to study the entertainer’s photo and answer questions that followed.

Learners were also asked to identify the dance move and the rhythm and force of the move. The paper trended on X after some South Africans revealed they were unhappy with the Department of Education.

The Limpopo entertainer is famously known for his unique dance, which he now showcases at major events. The entertainer recently trended on X when Moja Love TV approached him for a reality show.



@sjakavoti said: “But this question is under dance section, it could have been anyone. I would have had a problem if it was an ordinary English paper. It appeared under Art, the Dance Section.”

@Ndi_Muvenda_ said: “The are so many topics that can be imposed on learners not this.”

@Kat4Kubs: “It’s the assumption that all children know Skomota for me. There are parents who would do anything to not expose their children to Skomota. Because they realise that there is nothing to learn from his behaviour. The Department of Education needs to do better!”

@price_1416: “Yet: We have an entire generation that doesn’t know that Democratic Party fought against apartheid and it evolved into Democratic Alliance. The Apartheid National Party became New National Party when then merged with the ANC 2004.”

@teezyworldwide: “But the subject is Creative Arts not History, Skomota is a dancer, and kids know him they even do challenges about his dance. It’s creativity and art guys, it’s even under ‘dance section’.”

@tamsmhlakaza: “But that content should be covered in History. This paper is for dance. In Dance they cover the craft and the choreographers or pioneers.”

@MJMoalusii: “Millenniuls and Gen Z generations are reduced to spectators during accidents. The Dept of Education should have by now introduced First Aid Lessons for all Grades. Not Skomota. What are they learning about that?”

Image via X @Ndi_Muvenda_


The 38-year-old entertainer, Skomota’s real name is Thabang Sefala is from Limpopo.

iHarare reports that Sefala made headlines in August 2023 after he won R3 million from betting platform, Betway.

The publication adds that he placed a bet on a soccer match, won the jackpot and went to collect his money from the Betway office.

“He met his soulmate there, a lady who assisted him with his cash out. She was impressed by his personality and asked him if he was married.”

“He said he was single and happy, and she confessed that she had been single for over four years after her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and bullied her. They exchanged contacts and decided to go on a date,” adds the publication.

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