Expelled MK Party founder Khumalo to attend Parliament

Jabulani Khumalo, the founder of the MK Party who was recently expelled, has announced his intention to attend Parliament’s first sitting this Friday.

Despite his expulsion and ongoing contestation of the party’s leadership, Khumalo remains on the MK Parliamentary list.

Khumalo is listed among the 58 MK members set to take seats in the National Assembly.

MK Party founder Khumalo issues a statement

In a public statement, Khumalo emphasised the importance of parliamentary proceedings continuing without interruption. He asserted that fear of victimization should not deter any MK Party members from participating in the parliamentary process.

Khumalo underscored that Parliament’s business of swearing in Members of Parliament must proceed regardless of individual apprehensions.

Constitutional challenge looms over Party representation

The MK Party faces a legal battle as it grapples with the aftermath of Khumalo’s expulsion.

EWN reported, according to parliamentary rules, Khumalo cannot be removed from his position as a Member of Parliament (MP). For at least a year after the first parliamentary sitting following the elections. This revelation came from Xolile George, parliament’s secretary, during the formal handover of the party’s list of elected MPs.

In a dramatic turn, the MK party is gearing up to challenge the constitutionality of the National Assembly’s inaugural session.

Despite a formal demand to postpone the event, citing concerns over election irregularities, the party received no reprieve from the authorities responsible for organising the session.

As a result, the party is taking its grievances to the Constitutional Court, alleging election fraud and vote rigging during the recent national and provincial elections.

“In defence of our people’s constitutional rights, the MK Party will file papers with the constitutional court to interdict the swearing-in of party-nominated candidates as members of the National Assembly until our grievances, which are premised on allegations of election fraud and rigging, are thoroughly addressed by the courts,” stated party spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela.

Parliament cancels flights and accommodation

As tensions escalate, Parliament has taken preemptive measures, cancelling flights and accommodation for the 58 MK party members who have announced their boycott of the first National Assembly sitting.

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