Airline is now weighing passengers before flights!

European airline Finnair is weighing passengers and their cabin baggage, in an attempt to gather important data.

While this may sound horrendous, it helps an airline to gather information needed to enhance safety and other operational considerations.

And yes, this also happens in various other parts of the world.

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Since everything that goes onto an aircraft adds to its overall weight, which ultimately increases fuel burn and carbon emissions, heavy and imbalanced planes have implications for the aviation sector.

By having more accurate data regarding the weight of an aircraft, airlines can better control and improve their operations.


From the fuel, checked baggage and cargo to the meals, everything on an aircraft is weighed, to ensure safety.

Finnair has begun weighing passengers and their cabin baggage too.

While most airlines use average data for these weight calculations, Finnair is trying to collect its own accurate data.

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Airlines may use official data from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), or do their own standard weight measurements.

Finnair has chosen to carry out its own study. Passengers who participate in Finnair’s survey flights are not penalised for their weight, since this is not disclosed, the airline says.


Almost 800 passengers have taken part in the survey, and those who agree to do so even receive a small gift, Finnair’s spokesperson Paivyt Tallqvist said.

The figures will be sent to Finland’s transport and communications agency later this year.

They will be used for balancing aircraft and flight loading calculations for the period from 2025 until 2030.

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Safety authorities require that the survey be completed every five years. The last time Finnair weighed passengers was in 2018.

The survey will continue until May, enabling Finnair to collect data for flights operated in both summer and winter months.

“We will need data for both winter season and for summer season – in winter season people typically have heavier clothing, which impacts weights,” Finnair spokeswoman Paivyt Tallqvist said, per The Sydney Morning Herald.

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