Setting up for online shopping success post-Covid

During the lockdowns brought on by the scourge that is the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africa’s individuals and businesses were forced to adjust.

With South Africans no longer being allowed to visit their favourite stores, businesses had to find a way to stay afloat, and so a digital revolution took place.

Businesses improved their eCommerce capabilities and offerings, giving themselves the opportunity to survive the unprecedented retail nightmare by giving their customers the ability to buy goods online.

Now, as South Africa settles back into a normalcy closer to 2018 than anyone thought we’d ever see again, businesses need to make sure they heed the lessons learnt during the pandemic.

The way people transact has changed. Businesses can’t go back to exactly what they were doing before the pandemic, even with foot traffic in traditional brick-and-mortar stores back to pre-Covid levels.

The customer experience has changed

While online shopping is by no means new, the lockdowns invigorated the public to make more use of the service – it was the easiest way to stay safe while still being able to shop.

But, with customers becoming more comfortable with shopping online, expectations of what makes a for a good shopping experience have changed.

One of the key drivers of online shopping in an almost post-Covid world is convenience.

We’ve had our eyes opened to just how easy it is to shop online. The challenge for businesses now is to continue with and improve on that level of convenience to give their customers reasons to keep choosing them.

Something that Ozow, one of South Africa’s leading payment providers, has found to be a driver of improved customer experiences is refunds.

The more efficient and painless the refunds experience is for a customer, the more likely they are to remain loyal to the brand.

In fact, 30% of all online purchases are returned – they are a crucial part of the customer experience.

Ozow has realised this, and developed a refunds offering to give businesses the ability to provide seamless refunds to their customers.

With just a few clicks, Ozow allows all of their merchants who have integrated the refunds product to pay their customers back seamlessly.

To learn more about this, click here to visit Ozow’s refunds page.

You can also download their white paper on how crucial an effective refund process is for customer loyalty.

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