‘Cringe’: Cristiano Ronaldo makes TikTok debut

Cristiano Ronaldo is enjoying some downtime during a summer break in Majorca – and that includes a spot of dancing.

But whilst the 37-year-old tried to prove that he still has the moves that make all the girls swoon, fans have begged to differ.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and his family are holidaying on the Spanish island following a successful season at UK football club Manchester United.

Whilst there, Cristiano, his girlfriend, and their five children celebrated the 12th birthday of his eldest son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

According to Daily Star, the family flew to the island on their £20 million private jet and are staying in a £10,000-per-night mansion, complete with its own football pitch.

And what are festivities without dancing? To the surprise of fans around the world, Cristiano made his TikTok debut with a dance video this week.

@aliciab99 Tiktoks em familia 🥹🤍 @Edits 😖 @Cris @. ♬ Desenrola Bate Joga de Ladin (feat. DJ Biel do Furduncinho) – L7NNON & Os Hawaianos & DJ Bel da CDD

Appearing alongside his son, his niece Alicia Aveiro and another nephew, the quartet show off their best dance moves to a TikTok dance called Unroll, hit and play. The viral dance – posted on Alicia’s TikTok account – is set to the tune of the song Desenrola Bate Joga de Ladin

In the clip, a shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo – wearing the skimpiest of shorts – shimmies his hips and derriere as he grins enthusiastically at the camera.


And  it was all fun and a good laugh for Cristiano Ronaldo and fans, who  were amused by the soccer star’s dance moves

On Twitter, fans poked fun at Cristiano’s moves and his attempt to steal the spotlight.

@itoroetuk11: “This is cringe”

@okpalV47: “Ronaldo made a TikTok this is his downfall guys. It’s over for us

@sey_amen_: “Cristiano is on TikTok dancing instead of preparing for Europa League matches”

@dme__363: “Ronaldo’s TikTok career is better than his season at Manchester United already”

@QAKtheCEO: “Your goat was already moving his hips before they all started”

@CEOluyinka: “Cristiano is so competitive he’s standing on his toes in a TikTok video. Talk about athleticism”


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