‘Love Island SA’ slammed for rape joke

Love Island SA is once again under fire, this time for a rape joke made by two women on the show.

UPDATED: M-Net apologises for rape joke made on ‘Love Island SA’

An episode aired last week showed islanders Tania and Millie having a conversation about Tania’s love match, Ross. Ross revealed to her he was saving himself for marriage. This didn’t sit well with Tania as she expressed her concerns in a “humorous” way to Millie. That is when the “rape” joke was made by Millie.


The Citizen has reached out for comment from M-Net and is still awaiting a response.

Gender-based violence organisation Keep The Energy was made aware by its followers of the rape joke and said that rape jokes aren’t funny no matter what gender says it.

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In a statement on Tuesday, Keep The Energy said it tried to reach out to the show but did not get a response. Giving context to the clip, Millie and Tania “laughed” off Ross saving himself for marriage and that Millie seemed to encourage Tania to “rape” him.

“The episode has now been edited so that this clip is not included any more after Twitter users called out Millie and Love Island SA out for the rape joke and for including it in the episode,” read the Keep The Energy statement.

“Joking about rape and sexual assault assists in normalising these offences. A rape joke is a far cry from an actual incident of sexual assault but think of rape jokes as the foundation of the pyramid of rape culture. If you take away the foundation – if you create a situation where victims feel forced to bite their tongues and bear it. ”

Keep The Energy called on the show and Millie to apologise for her comment.

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