‘Love Island’ purged over Easter weekend

Easter weekend started off with a bang when the Love Island villa emptied en masse with a purge that saw five contestants exit the house in 24 hours.

Thiala June and Josh Mimbulu were dumped on Wednesday night and a day later. Summer Da Cruz and Chris Mouton exited with Kitty Kearny becoming the second person to leave the show voluntarily. It is nail-biting bikini and board shorts stuff.

Chris and Kitty were together at the time of leaving the house and she says she hopes they will stick together now away from the villa. Chris says he intends to continue with the new romance, but “to take things slow”. This, while Summer has relegated Kaige to the friend zone.

“When Kaige left we were actually on good terms. I do feel like he taught me a lot in terms of finding positives in every situation and keeping life simple. I missed him and his presence in the villa after he left. Kaige will always have a special place in my heart. He was many firsts for me and I’m hoping we will still have a great friendship outside of the villa.”

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“It’s madness and I feel like it was a lot at one go but it does add dramatic effect. I do miss the villa and the people there so much though,” says Thiala, who adds that her time in the house helped her self-confidence. “I feel like I grew so much as a person, I learnt how to deal with certain situations as well as relationships going forward.”

About Chris, and the fact that he was interested in her for a while, she says: “I feel like he doesn’t know what he wants, and he doesn’t know what he missed out on.”

Chris and Summer from ‘Love Island SA’. 

On exiting Josh says it “felt like we’d been ripped away from our family”. Of Mischke and Xavier’s pairing, he says he hopes they get it together in the real world. “Getting to see the relationship for what it actually was and knowing the two of them, I truly believe they could actually work in the outside world and not only in the villa. For how long? I don’t know,”

Josh’s own dalliance with Summer has left him wanting more. “If I had to describe Summer and my connection, it would be like water that has been put in a kettle to boil then after 30 seconds load shedding hits. Summer and I naturally gravitated towards each other over time in the villa.”

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He adds that he loves her bubbly personality, “her big heart, her sensitive side, vulnerable side and funny side which aligned with mine”. Of course, he adds that “she is a stunning girl with gorgeous blue eyes which attracted me to her. I want to explore that avenue and see what it may hold. It could lead to something or maybe it won’t, but I’m really keen to find out especially without any pressure of being in the villa.”

Summer and Millie became fast friends in the villa and the latter’s pairing with Asad will hopefully bear fruit, she says. “I love Millie and I think I think her and Asad are a perfect match! Their lifestyles are so similar and it’s incredible to have experienced my two best friends fall for each other.”

Jayme denied being critical of Summer when he told the nation she was vastly different in real life to what he imagined she was when he saw her on the telly. He later explained his actions to Summer prior to leaving the show a week earlier.

“The funny thing about a reality TV show is that everything you say will come out eventually. I did feel like my character was attacked but in a later conversation he did explain that what he stated wasn’t intentional and he didn’t mean it in a negative light.”

Josh says that current couples Ross and Tania are just not a good fit, neither are Tione and Justin. If his view is anything to go by, the next uncoupling should be interesting.

For Kitty, now that she is back to reality, the time ahead is exciting. “Growth! Life! Living! Fun! This is my year to get out there and be kitty!!! Love island was a big experience for me, and I know there’s so much more to come.”

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