This summer, go vegan with GO-LO products

The word vegan has never been more fitting in society than it is now. More and more people are becoming conscious of what they eat, where they get their products and how they are sourced. Eating more plant-based foods is not only trendy but people are finding it more affordable than they initially thought.

Healthy alternatives to your traditional carbs such as bread, wraps, cereals, muesli and even pizza bases are slowly entering some households. A market that is more varied and accessible, GO-LO has timely fitted locally into the game with its extensive low-carb range.

Some of their products are prepared from almond flour, flaxseeds, oats, all have no added sugar, eggs or refined carbs. Including that some of the GO-LO products are also dairy-free and yeast-free, perfect for those with allergies and that have changed their eating habits to include a more plant-based diet.

I had the fortunate opportunity to try some of GO-LO range, from their wraps, bran flakes, oats porridge, muesli, pizza bases and bread.

GO-LO breakfast cereal range. Picture: Supplied

Their wraps, pitas, bread and pizzas are vegan, have no refined carbs or added sugar and are high in protein. The portion sizes are adequate, and they have this toasty seeded flavour, great for on-the-go or quick meals.

GO-LO pizza bases. Picture: Supplied

Next on my list was their muesli, which is an addictive breakfast or snack for me. Usually packed with sugar, the GO-LO range uses stevia as an alternative and you won’t miss the sweetness. The classic muesli ingredients are all there, from your nuts, rolled oats, dried fruits such as peach, apricot and the vital gluten which gives great crunchiness. Vital gluten is mainly protein made from wheat.

Their original bran flakes, too, are a preferable choice for those easy starts in the morning, just like the muesli. The GO-LO oats chocolate is cooked over the stove and ready in minutes. Natural sweeteners such as natural peanut or syrups are a perfect add-on to the oats.

This range is a definite winner for all those willing to adapt and change to a plant-based diet or looking to eat healthier.

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