Natasha faces the music – is playing Sjava songs okay again?

Sjava‘s presence in the music scene is on the up again, with gigs and appearances in music shows increasing again, and fans have welcomed his return.

Musician Sjava claims to be suffering from the emotional trauma of having been accused of rape. Sjava’s “downfall” began in late 2019 when fellow artist and then romantic partner Lady Zamar (Janet Banda) labelled him a “liar and a cheater” in a series of tweets in October 2019.

Later, Zamar alleged that she was raped by Sjava and opened a case of rape against him in November 2019. The case was dropped in November 2020, with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) saying it was on the grounds that they did not foresee a successful prosecution of the alleged rape.

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Recently, actress Natasha Thahane caught heat for reciting a poem with a Sjava song, Ikhandlela, playing in the background. The isiZulu poem, Ngifihlani Mina, which translates to “What Am I Hiding” is the story of a married woman being abused by her in-laws.

Sjava. Picture: Instagram @Sjava_atm


After Natasha recited the poem, some Twitter users thought the Sjava song in the background was inappropriate, particularly because of the poem’s subject matter.

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The song choice raises questions about “cancel culture”, especially when an accused’s legal case has been dropped. Do people continue listening to their music?

Twitter had a lot to say about this.

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