Eskom stage 2 load shedding on Tuesday

Power utility Eskom says it will continue with stage 2 load shedding on Tuesday, 14 July.

Stage 2 load shedding will be suspended at 22:00 on Monday and then resume at 09:00 on Tuesday, it said in a statement.

Eskom said that despite its best efforts to return additional generation units to service after the breakdowns that occurred during last week, it had not made sufficient progress to suspend load shedding.

“This afternoon, Unit 2 of the Koeberg power station, which had been on cold reserve since April 2020, was successfully synchronised into the grid to help relieve the pressure on the generation system,” Eskom said.

“A generation unit each at the Majuba and Lethabo power stations have also returned to service this afternoon,” the company said.

“This, however, is still not sufficient to enable Eskom to suspend load shedding.”

“The loss added to breakdowns at the Kriel and the Medupi power stations because of difficulties experienced during startup,” Eskom said.

The power utility said that the colder weather has made matter worse, with demand rising significantly.

“We therefore urge the public to continue assisting us in managing consumption in order to reduce the impact of supply constraints,” Eskom said.

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