‘We’ve created a perfect little garden for our love to blossom’

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published47m ago

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Marc Buckner of  “The Bachelor SA” season 2, handed the final rose and beautiful Jack Friedman ring to 24-year-old, shy speech therapist Marisia van Wyk as a symbol of his love and commitment. 

The dreamy fairy-tale moment took place behind a spectacular African sunset, at the five-star luxury game reserve, Kapama.

Marisia and Marc have since been locked down together in Cape Town. 

We chatted with Marc’s leading lady to find out more about her journey on the show.  

How did you emotionally cope with the show? 

Marisia: It was a rollercoaster, but definitely worth every up and down.

Describe the feelings you had when Marc chose you?

Marisia: My heart was so happy. I knew that what was meant for me will find me, all in good time.

During filming it’s fancy getaways, romantic picnics and activities, how do you keep that flame alive now? 

Marisia: I think it was easier keeping the flame alive once we were off set. We had confirmation that we wanted to give “us” a try. This unusual journey that we experienced actually brought us closer together.

What’s the biggest lesson you took away from the show? 

The biggest lesson was that beautiful things come from stepping out of your comfort zone.

Do you have any regrets? 

Marisia: None at all. I believe in living every moment to the fullest and having no regrets. In every moment, I do what my heart and mind tells me to do.

How has the relationship flourished?

Marisia: We have grown so much over the past few months. The unusual situation has strangely enough created a perfect little garden for our love to blossom. We love investing in our garden together.

How did you keep a balance between forming friendships in the mansion and trying to win Marc over? 

Marisia: I think I came in respecting the process, so it was easy for me to keep the balance, while focusing on my reason for being there.

Advice for women entering a possible season 3? 

Marisia: Step out of your comfort zone and take a chance!

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